The Hiroshima Peace Creation Fund (HPCF) is dedicated to promoting activities that contribute to peace and international exchange. This website was created on January 1, 2014.

The HPCF was established in February 2012 as a general incorporated foundation to promote and support activities for the promotion of peace and international exchange in an effort to further the desire for peace and sense of mission of the people of Hiroshima, the first victim of an atomic bombing. On August 6, 2012, the 67th anniversary of the A-bombing, the HPCF was certified as a public interest incorporated foundation. Since then it has continued its efforts in the areas of peace and international exchange.

HPCF promotes and supports six programs under its two pillars of peace-related activities and international exchange.

One of its peace-related activities is sponsorship of the “Hiroshima Appeal” poster, an effort to call for peace through a poster, offering a visual representation of Hiroshima’s message. The HPCF also sponsors the Hiroshima Peace Grant program, which provides support to organizations and individuals who promote peace, and the Hiroshima Flower Festival. In the belief that both of these programs support grass-roots activities and projects and can contribute to peace-related activities, the HPCF provides a portion of their funds. The organizations and individuals are selected through rigorous screening.

Under the pillar of international exchange, the HPCF promotes the International Exchange Festival. In cooperation with organizations and groups involved in peace-related activities, this program endeavors to put out a message of peace through a bazaar, entertainment and sports. The HPCF also provides support for the Hiroshima Scholarship and the International Exchange Encouragement Prizes. The Hiroshima Scholarship promotes the careers of young people studying the arts, including music, fine art, and arts and crafts. Winners are selected from among a pool of applicants and receive partial scholarships. The International Exchange Encouragement Prizes is awarded to support the efforts of groups and private individuals in Japan and abroad that are carrying out peace-related activities.

Over the years, these programs have been conducted by the Hiroshima International Cultural Foundation (HICF), but they were taken over by the HPCF with its switch to a public interest incorporated foundation. The HPCF will continue to cooperate with the HICF in promoting programs that will further contribute to peace.

Tetsuya Okahata Chairperson

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