Hiroshima Peace Creation Fund Creation of a system for donations

The purpose of the Hiroshima Peace Creation Fund (HPCF) donation system is to solicit the support of private individuals and companies in order to promote and support the foundation’s peace-related activities.
*For an outline of the HPCF donation system, click here.
*For the HPCFfs Regulations for the Handling of Donations, click here.
The HPCF promotes and supports six programs under its two pillars of peace-related activities and international exchange. Peace-related activities include sponsorship of the “Hiroshima Appeal” poster, the Hiroshima Peace Grant program and the Hiroshima Flower Festival. International exchange activities include promotion of the International Exchange Festival and support for the Hiroshima Scholarship and the International Exchange Encouragement Prizes.

The unit of donations
There is no specified amount for donations. A report on the total amount of donations received and their use will be posted on the HPCF website.
Donations will be accepted starting January 1, 2014. This program will continue on an annual basis thereafter.
bank accounts
Donations may be made by transferring funds into the following bank accounts:
Hiroshima Bank (central branch): Ordinary Savings Account No. 3943411
Momiji Bank (central branch): Ordinary Savings Account No. 3889785
Name of account holder: Tetsuya Okahata, HPCF chairperson
A service charge will be assessed unless a special payment slip is used. A receipt will be sent to the e-mail address on the payment slip or mailed to you, so please be sure to fill out the payment slip accurately.
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